Should I work through pain?

We have all heard that hard core mantra, “no pain, no gain”.   If you weren’t hurting you simply weren’t doing enough.  There is a line that can be crossed into doing more harm than good.

First, you have to determine the difference between good pain and bad pain.  If your muscles are sore that is not such a bad thing.  If the pain is in a joint area, that could be a different story and may require more rest or even having a doctor check it out.  If muscle soreness last for too long of a time, many days after the workout, you may have overworked that muscle.

We certainly have to challenge ourselves to get results, there is no getting around that.  However, exercise should enhance our lives and not take away from it.  If those legs are sore from your workout that is ok.  If you literally can’t walk the next day you probably did too much. 

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