Swim for your health

I have always known how to swim, but the way I did it was more for survival than exercise.  Or “swimming” meant floating in a pool with a cold drink in hand.  Once I decided to use it for exercise I realized what an amazing workout it is.

About 15 years ago I made the decision to do a triathlon.  I just wanted to do a sprint but I knew the problem was going to be the swim.  I met with my cousin, who is a swim guru, and he gave me a couple of things to work on.  I got in the pool and work I did!   The biggest challenge was trying to get the breathing down but once I got over that hump, and it took time, things started to fall into place and then the benefits began showing.  

You get cardiovascular benefits as well as constant resistance from the water to tone muscles.  It really is a full body workout as all the muscles are working together to propel you through the water.  It also forces you to control your breathing which is important.  Then there are the therapeutic  benefits for the back, knees and shoulders.  

You only truly understand what it will do by trying it so find a pool and don’t forget your swimsuit!

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