What diet/cleanse should I choose?

To go on a cleanse for a week seems to be something many are doing.  I am told a lot by people that they are going to start said cleanse that following Monday and so they are going to eat and drink what they want until then.  Or, they are going on one of the hip diets that everyone is on and they heard such wonderful things.  

I am a very simple person.  I have come to accept that about myself and, honestly, it makes a lot of things so much easier.  I don’t over-think eating, for example.  I don’t sit there and think I can’t combine this food with that food because the chemical combination will be such that the calories from those foods will go straight to my stomach.   I admit, I could be so wrong here but I think people just put too much into this.  The same goes for a cleanse.  The idea behind this is that we “cleanse” our bodies  and everything will be good.  

Here is what I think.  Our bodies are amazing machines.  The most amazing machine there is and it is truly a gift from God.  Being that gift from God, He also gave us the fuel to make these machines go in the form of fruits , vegetables, berries, legumes, you get the idea.  He did not give us these with a manual on what to eat together and what to keep separate.  We just need to eat this fuel/food.  See how simple I am?  It is the consistency of eating healthy that our body needs, not changing up from one thing to another.  And fruits and vegetables are natural cleansers, so that takes care of that.  

Keep it simple and consistent.  That is the key.

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