Do you know what is really in your supplement?

You open your favorite fitness magazine and there is an advertisement for a supplement that will make you ripped, help you lose those pounds or give you tons of energy.   That magic we are all looking for is right there on the shelf at GNC.

If you aren’t concerned about your health and interested in how to prevent illness you need to be.  I just read an article about a supplement that was named supplement of the year and was found to be secretly spike with a chemical similar to methamphetamine.  There was also a weight loss pill with the same thing.  As I was talking with a friend today, he was telling me how after he had bloodwork done his doctor asked if he was taking steroids because it was showing up in the results.  The only thing he was using was a number of over the counter supplements.  His doctor said that whatever he was taking had steroids in it and that was the reason so many athletes test positive and claim they didn’t do anything illegal.  We simply don’t know what is in these things be buy at the store and the advertisements offer fantastic benefits.  

10 years ago I found Juice Plus.  If you haven’t heard about it check it out.  What I love about it is the simplicity.  Fruits and vegetables in a capsule.  Easy enough right?  There are a number of things that set it apart from the other stuff out there.  First is the research,  20 years worth in fact.  Research on the actual product with actual people, not lab rats.  Gold standard research, double blind, placebo based.  It doesn’t get any better.  Then there is the NSF rating.  This is what your college athlete should look for when using a supplement.  This guarantees the supplement is OK for the athlete to use.  

I would love to talk with you about this and answer your questions.

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