How frustrated are you?

There is nothing worse than spending hours in the gym and not getting results, whatever those results may be.  This can drive the most dedicated person crazy.  Instead of going through a workout, it is probably more effective to sit down and talk about their goals, what they are doing and what to change. 

Aren’t getting the most out of your cardio?  It usually takes calculating your heart rate range and learn why it is important to work in that range.

Ladies, looking to tone the arms?  You need to do more than tricep extensions.   Multi muscle exercises are key.

You don’t like a certain exercise?  There is always another exercise to do.  There is no one way that is the best.

Do your goals fit the time you have to spend exercising?  If you can give three 30 minute sessions a week that is great!  Lets talk about what you want to attain and if that is something you can hit.  

If you would like to chat about what you are doing let me know.

Go Cards!

Until next time…

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