That Banana Isn’t The Problem!

Too many times, certain diets call for not eating particular fruits because there is too much sugar in them. There are times when you may want to limit your intake of fruit but for the most part the nutrition we get from the food far outweighs the natural sugar that is in them.

When a diet calls for eliminating a food group, or particular foods, a red flag goes up for me. Sure, we want to limit processed foods that have a high amount of added sugar. Label reading, and learning what to look for on a label, is something to work on. For that matter, if it comes in a package that you have to read an ingredients list, be on guard!

I get the feeling when dieters read about the sugar in a banana , for example, they equate it to a candy bar. It isn’t their fault, it is usually the fault of those promoting a certain diet. Instead of touting all the benefits of a banana, they go directly to sugar. If you do any 5K, 10K and so forth, think about what they have at the end of the race for the participants. Bananas are always there because they are a powerhouse of nutrition! Even when you start your workout, having something in your stomach that isn’t filling but will give you a ton of energy will make your workout so much better and fruits such as bananas and apples are ideal!

If you are looking to make changes to your diet and have to focus on weight loss, keep the banana and take a closer look at the really bad stuff. You will find long term success!

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