You don’t have to give up everything to be healthy!

One thing I hear time and again from people is that they can never again have a cookie, burger or pizza.  The mindset is everyone else can eat what they want and not worry about it.  The reality lies somewhere between “I can never have it” and “I can eat whatever I want”.  Most of us tend to look at the exception to the rule as the norm. Yes, there is going to be that individual who can eat whatever, never exercise and not gain a pound.  Just as there is that 2- pack-a-day smoker who lived to 90 and died of natural causes. I doubt that anyone would say that shows smoking is not bad for you.

When we train our bodies to crave different foods, and crave exercise, this will have long term affects. As time goes on we won’t want all those sweets or chips, rather we will want good, healthy food.  It does take time, so many get frustrated and quit, but those who push on will have amazing results and a better quality of life!


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