Chocolate Milk?

Recovery drinks and energy drinks are all the rage. We see professional athletes and olympians endorsing products all the time. How do we know what to take and what works?
Chocolate milk has been something of a surprise in recent times as an excellent recovery drink from strenuous exercise. I emphasize “strenuous” because for most people who workout, you don’t need a big recovery drink. Chocolate milk was interesting to me from the first time I heard of it because I always thought of it as a tasty treat that we would get as a kid if we were good! I have to harken back to having this as a kid because I now have an issue with milk. It just doesn’t agree with me, lets leave it at that. šŸ™‚
As I was reading some articles on this, it was interesting that the comparisons were made to energy-type drinks, such as gatorade or other drinks that have synthetic vitamins added. In one instance they made the conclusion that is a big reason why I share Juice Plus. Chocolate milk was better than energy recovery drinks because it is a more natural product with vitamins found in milk. In most instances, when comparing isolated vitamin absorption and effectiveness to that of whole food, the latter is going to come out on top, so I can see where this would be the case with chocolate milk. This issue I have with chocolate milk is when you compare two things and say this milk comes out on top, that doesn’t hold true for all brands of chocolate milk. There is so much added sugar to these drinks that you have to be careful, even when a study says it is better than an energy drink.
Do your homework when looking at what to take as a “health” supplement. The industry is horrible and there are very few products that are backed by research the way Juice Plus is. I would be happy to answer questions!

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