I Like Iceberg Lettuce!


There. I said it! I have always fought for the veggies that don’t get quite the attention that, say, kale gets (i.e. celery). Some whole food isn’t going to get that “superfood” label but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you and you don’t get nutritional benefits from it.
Iceberg lettuce is a perfect example of this. For years I have read that iceberg isn’t nutritionally sound and we should be making better choices, such as darker green lettuce. However this lettuce does offer benefits such as being low in calories, a good source of magnesium and iron, can help out with constipation and acid reflux and benefits your overall health. Yes, there are other lettuces out there that have more nutrition but one thing I really like about it is the crunch it has. I like to combine it in a salad of spinach, kale and romaine and the iceberg gives me the crunch I want from croutons but don’t want the processed food in my meal.
There are those nutritionally packed superfoods that we need to pay attention to, but all food has some benefit to it and if that is the food you like, I say enjoy it!

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