Taking Responsibility For Your Health!


In case you haven’t heard, we have a health crisis in this country. The problem, as I see it, is that everyone wants to focus on how to get healthcare (sickcare) at an affordable rate. I shouldn’t say it is a “problem” as we do need healthcare, but what we really need to focus on is how to get people to take responsibility for their health and implement simple changes that can make a big difference down the road.
So many times we get caught up in extremes. We lead a sedentary life, eat a poor diet and decide we are going to change every bad habit at once and get to the gym every day. What usually happens with this is burnout and the thought that we can’t keep that pace up the rest of our lives. There is no reason to make all the changes at the same time but we do need to take responsibility. We find it is easier to make one change at a time, it becomes part of our life and then move to another. Exercise should be started off 2-3 days a week to get it into your schedule and then add from there.
This is a journey, not a get fit quick deal. The simple act of going out for a walk if you are not normally active, can have such a positive impact on your health! The same would be true by changing an afternoon snack from a candy bar to an apple. Simple changes, big rewards, take responsibility!

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