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I’m one of those people who enjoys running on the track. There are many who think it is the absolute most boring way to run but, for me, it gets the job done! A big reason is there is so much motivation when you get there. As I ran the other evening there were coaches working with young kids, other track and field athletes such as long jumpers, soccer teams training of the field, not to mention the others like me who were out to do some laps. That got me thinking about people in the stands who were waiting on their kids to finish whatever they were practicing. I say make use of that time! Instead of being in the stands, come down to the track and just walk some laps. Taking that time to exercise for yourself eliminates your excuse of “there just isn’t enough time in the day”. The simple act of walking for an hour, compared to sitting, will change your health outlook drastically! Wear your walking shoes next time you are taking the kids to practice.

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