I need my FitBit!

Everyone wants to talk about what information their fitbit is giving them this week.  There is a lot of great technology that can help you with your wellness goals, some of it good, some not so good.  When it comes to the fitbit, it can be valuable but shouldn’t be used as a means of showing how much exercise you are getting.  We can get wrapped up in how many steps we take in a day, and that can be good to know.  The problem is when we think that is exercise and we don’t have to do anything more.  When we start using the fitbit it is good to have a baseline that we can gauge what we normally walk throughout the day.  Some have a more active job than others, which is fine, but most of the time, just because we walk more it is still not a pass from actual exercise.  There is nothing better than getting that heart rate up for an extended period of time to optimize the caloric burn and get the heart healthy.  Finding your target heart rate range and getting in that range will be much better for you!

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