Maintenance stage of weight loss

This is what so many who are looking to lose weight are striving for.  That point where they have lost the weight they want and are trying to keep it off.  I have often said that the maintenance part is easier than losing because by that time you don’t have to do all the extra workouts to burn additional calories to lose, you are simply keeping it off.   Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is simple. You still have to exercise and eat healthy, there is just a big difference.  As I have talked with many people over the years on maintenance and the struggle some seem to have to keeping weight off, I have recently found I have been a little off on how I speak of that.  

So many have a lot of weight to lose and I hear story after story of those losing 30 pounds while still having another 30 to go.  This is such a great start and a lot of hard work goes into this but many times something happens.  They can’t keep up with the workouts, life happens, they have little injuries and they just give up because what they were doing becomes too much.  This is also a time when maintenance comes into play.  They haven’t reached their ultimate goal but that’s okay.  You may not be able to keep up with all the stuff you were doing so just cut back but keep exercising.  If you maintain that 30 pound loss during that tough period, once you are able to kick it back up again your aren’t re-losing weight.  

My point is that the maintenance stage isn’t just for the end of the weight loss, it can be incorporated at any point to keep off weight already lost.  Let me know how I can help you with this.

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