Christmas parties are rough!

Three Christmas parties this weekend.  Three!  That’s enough to ruin anyones diet and fitness hard work.  

I knew Friday was going to be a rough evening with eating and boy was I right!  For me, pizza is one of the four food groups but I would usually have it for the main dish of a meal.  You know, with a salad.  At this one party, there was pizza for an appetizer!  This was after toasted ravioli, spinach dip, potato skins and so forth, and before a main dish.  You get the idea it wasn’t the healthiest meal.  Knowing this, I took the opportunity to prepare with what I ate for breakfast and lunch.  Four pieces of fruit, hard boiled egg, some almonds and other nuts scattered throughout the day.  This kept me satisfied during the day and made me more comfortable that evening as I was enjoying the other foods.  

I will continue to stress that while the foods at Christmas parties are not the healthiest,  you have to make choices throughout the day, and every day, that will allow you to enjoy yourself.    And more importantly, personal trainers are not excluded from making those choices. 

Until next time…

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