Goal setting for your health/fitness

Having your goals  challenging AND attainable is important.  When I sit down with a new client this is something we always talk about.  Two things need to be figured out.  

First is what are your goals.  Settings goals and having something to work towards can be very motivating and vital to many.  I speak with a lot of people who say they have to have something to work for.  This could be wanting to run a marathon or losing 30 pounds.

Second is how much time do you have to dedicate to attaining those goals.  This needs to go hand in hand with what your goals are. If your goals are loftier than the time you have to put into hitting those goals, you are probably just setting yourself up for frustration and giving up.  Lets say your goal is to run a marathon.  Great goal to have and there are many cool marathons around to choose from.  However, you say you can really only put three half-hour training sessions in a week towards this.   We need to have a talk about is it really a good goal to have OR can you put more time towards the training schedule.  Having the goal match the amount of time is key.  

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