Machine weights VS. free weights

Is there really a difference between using free weights and machine weights?  Is it true you work the muscle better with free weights?  Are free weights really free or is that a bait and switch technique used by gyms to get you in the door?  🙂

The fact that you have to balance the weight when using free weights makes it more effective.  Try taking a weight and holding it over your head.  You will probably be a little shaky depending on the amount of weight that you have.  This is forcing so many smaller muscles to fire to keep it stable compared to having a weight on a machine stack and having that stability.   This, however, doesn’t mean there is no benefit to using machines. I use the machines for my clients as well as my own workout.  As you may have heard, it is good to do a variety of exercises to keep challenging those muscles.  Using machines is a good way to throw a change in the mixture.   If you are new to exercise, machines can be a much safer way to start but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout using them. It is always good to ask for help when learning a new exercise.  If you need some assistance I can certainly help.

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