Kids Weight Issues

There is great concern about the weight problem our children are facing today.  We all know that the excess weight we carry will lead to many health issues down the road, health issues that can be very costly.  There are a number of things that factor into this from the use of computers that make kids do less activity to the junk food that they take in as nourishment.  

We had a good snowstorm this past weekend, and as I was outside sledding and having a snowball fight with my 9 year old and her friends (I won the snowball fight, FYI) I noticed something that made me think of another factor that is making our kids more and more unhealthy.  Actually, it was something that I didn’t notice.  When I was a kid and it snowed, we couldn’t wait to get outside.  I have a brother who is a year older and when we went outside we each grabbed a snow shovel and started our way around the neighborhood knocking on doors and offering our snow removal service, for a fee of course.  We spent many hours doing this so you can imagine the amount of work we put in.  It gave us the activity we needed plus we were adding to our bank accounts.  I didn’t see one kid out doing any shoveling.  Now, we don’t get many snowstorms but we do have long, hot summers and we would then move to the grass cutting business and in the fall raking leaves.  Again, think about the last time you saw kids doing these things.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that if kids start shoveling snow and cutting grass, that is going to put an end to the problem, but it is another piece of the puzzle that gives them a little extra activity.  As all the activity is taken away it leads to more and more problems.

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