I wanna look like a fitness magazine model

Many times I have met with a client and they bring in a picture from a magazine telling me that is what they want to look like.  We are constantly bombarded with the fitness magazine covers showing a buff dude with his shirt off and ripped muscles standing next to a beautiful gal wearing a  sports bra and not an ounce of fat.  This all looks great but here is where we have to separate reality from fantasy.  I have talked with fitness models about their workout programs and what it comes down to is all of their free time is spent working out.  That is in addition to their scheduled workouts.    If you are making your living having that picture taken it would make sense to work out all the time.  Most of my clients are parents who have an extremely busy schedule and don’t have the luxury of constant exercise. The other thing to factor in the magazine cover is the infamous airbrush.  Wouldn’t it be nice to airbrush in real life!  

What I coach clients in is making the most of their time when they have it to work out.  Intensity is key with the heart rate while doing cardio.  Lifting weights is extremely important to lose weight and keeping a healthy weight maintained.  I can help get you on the right track.

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