Cost of health

It is amazing to me that people are willing to simply go with the cheapest path when it comes to, in my opinion, the most important thing, their health.  We need fruits, vegetables and berries in our system to fight off illness and make these machines function properly.  The supplement industry preys on this by coming out with misleading products leading people to believe that there is whole food in their product when the reality is not so.  I have been a proponent of Juice Plus for ten years, taking it every day, for a number of reasons.  There are 17 fruits, vegetables and whole grains we get every day for about $1.50/day.  We don’t think twice about getting a coffee or chips and soda for more than this but many think this is simply too expensive.  Don’t take the 17 fruits and vegetables at face value.  What the company has done, and continues to do, is research the product for the 20 years of existence.  NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN SAY THIS!  The research is independent from the company and shows Juice Plus is absorbed and affects us in a way that makes us healthier.  Visit my site to check this out.

Amazing stuff that we truly need.  Your health is worth it.  You are worth it.

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