What motivates you to be healthy and fit?

As a trainer, I have consulted with many individuals as to what motivates them on their journey to health and fitness.  There are many reasons I am given as to why someone works with me or exercises on their own.  Some are training for an event, some for vacations, weddings, or pool season in the summer.  Some feel pushed by a spouse or significant other to get in shape.  Many think the job of a trainer is to motivate and get them in shape.  Whatever it is for you keep this thought in mind.   If you don’t have some ownership in the motivation department, you will most likely not be successful long term.  What happens when that vacation is over or the wedding has come and gone.  The pools will close in the fall and maybe your financial situation changes and you have to cut out a trainer.  Does that mean you don’t exercise?  I hope not.

I certainly do motivate my people but it goes beyond the hour we spend together.  You need to understand why you are doing something so you can do it on your own.   I have the tools for you if you need help in finding that motivation.

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