And the next Superfood is…..

I don’t know what the next superfood is going to be. I hope you weren’t expecting some news release here, but I have to be honest. I do know one thing, the next time they name a superfood it is going to be a fruit, vegetable or berry.

Look back on the other foods that are tagged as superfoods and you will find that it is something that is grown. I will guarantee that you will NOT find a McDonalds burger or Taco Bell burrito. I’m not saying those things aren’t tasty, they just have absolutely no nutritional value and can actually do harm to us if we eat them on a regular basis.

It is really very simple. We have a problem in the United States that can be fixed. I get frustrated when I hear all the talk about healthcare and no talk about our responsibility to ourselves. Eating healthy whole foods and exercise is the best way to lower healthcare cost. Think of your body as a machine that will only function with the right fuel and that fuel is fruits, vegetables and berries. NOT synthetic, isolated vitamins but the whole food. God made us and gave us the fuel for the body he gave us, its that simple.
We need the variety of foods everyday, which can be almost impossible. That is why I take Juice Plus every day and recommend it to everyone I meet. It is 17 fruits, vegetables and grains along with berries and grapes. You simply can’t beat it and it is backed by science! Check it out.
Lets fix this problem!

Until next time….

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