Exercise Is A Bad Word!

I have heard that “exercise” is a bad word and it is intimidating for some, pushing them away from actually doing it. The word we now are suppose to use is “movement”. Now we should make huge strides in the health of people right?

We make excuses for so many things in life, and, IMHO, this is just another. Whether we want to call it exercise, movement or any other word we can come up with, the end result is the same. Seems to me we need to address getting over the actual exercise. If we want to make gains with “movement”, for example, we need to get our heart-rate to a certain point and lift weights that are challenging to the muscle groups. Guess what? That is the exact same thing we do with “exercise”!

I am a very sympathetic person, especially when it comes to getting someone into exercise, and showing them the proper way to do it. It can be intimidating for many, but I don’t like the idea of giving yet another excuse to stay away from it. One way or another we have to move/exercise. The more excuses we have, and believe me there are so many already, the less likely we will do what needs to be done. In the end, I don’t care if we use movement or exercise, as long as we are doing it!

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