Functional Moves…When To Start?

Let’s be sure I make this clear from the beginning…I love functional training and think everyone should be doing some form of it. When performed properly, these moves give great results. The key is to do them properly.

What brought this to mind is seeing a young exerciser in the gym, obviously starting out on their fitness goals for the year. This individual was performing a challenging move, maybe taught from a trainer or something they saw online. It was a good move however it was apparent to me that it was just a bit too advanced for his level. What can end up happening if this is the case is an injury that puts him out of the workout loop for a while. Hopefully exercise helps to eliminate injuries!

There is always a baseline of fitness that needs to be accomplished before doing more advanced moves. Much like training for a marathon doesn’t mean walk out your door and do a marathon. It takes a build up from training.

With strength, advancing through the baseline exercises is so important. When first working with a client who hasn’t been in a strength routine, I have always implemented what I call the Big 5. Do a chest move, that gets front of shoulders and triceps. A back move with the rear delts and biceps. A leg move such as leg presses for a good overall leg work. And use the stability ball for abs and low back. Within these exercises are so many variations that you can still keep interested by not doing the same thing over and over again. Once you get strength to those big muscle groups then slowly advance to where you feel more comfortable with functional moves.

I realize exercise isn’t a one size fits all things but especially with a newbie, slow and steady is always the best bet!

Until next time…

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