Being Active Isn’t The Same As Exercise!

I actually heard this statement the other day… “my doctor told me not to exercise. He said whenever he sees someone on an elliptical, or other piece of equipment, he is just seeing future knee surgery. He said all you need to do is be active”.

A couple of thoughts came to me right away. First, if your doctor tells you this, find a new one immediately! I don’t know of a doctor today who would preach this garbage. There is entirely too much research on the benefits of exercise to dismiss it.

Second, and this is probably the case here, we simply hear what we want to hear. Could the doctor have said something like “it’s good to stay active”, or “if you are prone to knee issues you should be careful” ? Most likely. I have trained way too many doctors, who exercise for themselves and would tell me everyone should be doing something, to think otherwise. Isn’t it funny how we pick out what we want to hear and forget the stuff we don’t?

While being active can certainly help in keeping weight under control, as well as many other wellness factors, we still need that challenge of exercise. As a full time trainer I was active all day but it wasn’t the same as working out for myself. I still needed to do that. Too many benefits other than weight control happen to dismiss exercise altogether. Getting the heart rate up, relief of stress, lower anxiety are just a few of those.

Here is a suggestion when you go to your doctor. Put your phone out and record the conversation so you can play it back later. That way when you say to yourself, “my doc said not to exercise”, you can listen again and find out what was actually said there!

Until next time….

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