Sugar Is The Biggest Threat To Our Health!

This is nothing new. However, like so many other natural health pathways, when someone starts to talk about it, they are demonized as being over the top. There is a great article by Ian Leslie talking about the sugar conspiracy.

This begins as far back as 1972, before sugar was found in almost everything! Even then, the talk of how dangerous sugar is made you a leper.

In 1972, a British scientist sounded the alarm that sugar – and not fat – was the greatest danger to our health. But his findings were ridiculed and his reputation ruined.

John Yudkin was a british nutritionist who wrote Pure, White and Deadly. In it Yudkin states

“If only a small fraction of what we know about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive,” wrote Yudkin, “that material would promptly be banned.”

There is so much to learn about the harmful affects of sugar. Remember, we are talking about added sugar. Too many times people are told to avoid fruit because of the sugar. The amount of sugar in fruit is natural and our bodies can handle it. It is all the sugar we add to food or is added by companies.

Check out the video by Dr. Lustig from the University of California Television.

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