Is Diet And Exercise The Solution To High Health Care Cost?

I have been an advocate for a long time that the best way to lower healthcare costs is to be more of a champion of healthy eating and exercise. Over the years, I have watched as clients change from bad habits to good  and the results are amazing!  I have heard stories from others that they reduce medications and have a better quality of life simply by deciding to give up the excuses and take control over what they eat and their exercise.  We all have the excuses on why we can’t do something.  I don’t have time to exercise.  My knees hurt too much.  I don’t have access to a gym.  I don’t like eating vegetables.  I’m always in a rush so I have to do the drive-through.  The list simply goes on and on.

Something to realize is you don’t have to be perfect.  Most of us want to live a healthier life, not compete in fitness competitions.  And making long term changes takes consistency and time. We have become a people of ” I want it all now”. When habits are changed, we will see physical changes.  For some they happen sooner than others. I have come to realize a big role of the trainer is to keep people on track when those changes don’t happen a fast as some would like.  It is easy to get derailed in that wellness journey, however, remember it is a journey.  That word usually means it isn’t fast.  But most journeys end up being incredible!!  Make your wellness journey incredible!!

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