Truth is Better Than Fiction!

Or in the case of health and wellness…much more helpful!

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Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people get derailed from their health and wellness goals because of all the lies put out by the so-called “fitness experts”. Even worse is the person who knows all the exercises and good nutrition but obviously doesn’t practice what they preach.  I don’t think you have to be a body builder to be an effective trainer. But you do, at least, have to look like you aren’t just saying the words.

Don’t get me wrong, I meet people where they are in their health journey. Problems arise when they get off the track because of something they hear. In my 20 plus years in fitness, if there is one thing that I have learned it is that there are no short cuts. You can’t do a 15 minute workout, once a week, that equals 6 days a week on an elliptical. “Fat burners” that come in a bottle don’t work, I don’t care what fitness model says they do. Women who lift weights don’t end up looking like female bodybuilders.  Isolated vitamins are not the same as whole food. That one cookie isn’t going to ruin your 60 minute spin class.

You get the point here right?

It is amazing when I see someone change their life because of a fitness program. However, the only way that happens is when they take on that responsibility and decide for themselves that they really want to change.  Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything you like. It simply means you have to make more good choices than bad. No one is going to tell me I can never have pizza again!!


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