How Are Those Resolutions Working For You?

It is easy to make that resolution to change bad habits to good.  It’s easy to go for a month, exercising every day, eating a healthy diet.


It’s tough to stay motivated, especially if you aren’t seeing the results you want.  The “joke” at the gym for regulars is you wait out the month of January and things will be back to normal.  The sad part of that is there are so many that will give up on their wellness journey without really giving it a chance.  Being ambitious is wonderful when starting a program.  We all want to see our goals become realities.  However, if you feel you can’t keep up with the pace you set in January, don’t worry!  There are many levels between going to the gym every day, eating a vegan diet, and not going to the gym at all and eating a diet of junk food.   Having the kickstart you got for the first month is great but you don’t want to lose that momentum. Leveling off to a program that may not be as time-consuming can be helpful in the long run.  What matters is what you can keep up with.  We do want to always be challenging ourselves, and each month you will want to revisit what you are doing.  Just don’t give up!!


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