I Feel Like I’m Starving Myself!


One thing that happens when you change eating habits, especially when you cut back on calories, is you feel hungry at certain times of the day. If you have bad eating habits and decide to do something about it, most likely that will be eating less throughout the day. It certainly isn’t healthy to cut back so much that your calorie intake doesn’t give you the energy you need. This is the challenge to find that middle ground.
Start by keeping a food log and writing down your regular eating habits. Don’t lie on this or you won’t give yourself an honest look at what you eat. Changing out unhealthy foods for healthy ones will make a big difference in calories but will also allow you to eat when you are hungry. An afternoon snack, for example, is not bad but there is a big difference between a candy bar and an apple. Having that apple will give you the sweetness that you may crave with fewer calories and, more importantly, other nutrients that will help your body function. The same holds true with what we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Making those healthier will most likely cut back on calories.
When we eat too many calories and decide to cut back, it is natural that we will experience that hungry feeling. Our body is use to a certain amount and all of a sudden it is getting less. The good news is we will adjust to the fewer calories and be okay. Some “diets” promote too few calories and that isn’t a good thing. We do need food for fuel and eating the right food is what we need to do!

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