It’s All Water Weight

This has become the mantra of almost everyone who has started a weight loss program and sees good results right away. You lose a few pounds quickly so it must be water weight. While it is true that there may be some water weight loss, I wouldn’t attribute it all to water, and I see this as a sign of good things to come!
When we reduce our intake of calories, our bodies need to get energy from somewhere, which in turn can release stored up water. While this may not be the fat loss that we are looking for, it is good. Also, some of the foods we cut out when reducing our calories could be causing us to retain water, such as salty snacks. These changes in food sources, as it does reduce sodium, also will help to get us to losing fat weight as we are making better choices.
When you take it step by step, and very simplified, we have to get past the water weight in order to get to the fat weight. Don’t let anyone discourage you when they say your initial weight loss is just water. It may be water but as your body adjust to the changes you are making you will see the weight loss that you desire!

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