Can I Lose Weight Too Fast?

This is something that is talked about when people change a lifestyle and see immediate results. It has come up with me this past week as I have been working with groups do a 10 day Shred. Can weight loss happen too fast?
Weight loss isn’t going to happen the same from person to person as a lot of factors play into this. When someone has a lot of weight to lose, they can see a rapid loss especially when they cut out bad habits and replace them with good.
We don’t realize how simple changes can reap such big rewards! When we make that decision to really cut out a number of bad habits, those results will become greater very fast! Not everyone can make multiple changes and keep up with them. Some have to simply do one at a time. What everyone has to remember is that no matter who we are, we all have to watch our sugar intake, cut out processed foods, limit caffeine, cut out dairy as much as possible and limit alcohol if we truly want to be healthy and have a healthy weight. That, along with daily exercise and you will be unstoppable!
Anytime you start a weight loss program, you have to have an exit strategy on what you are going to do after you lose or, most likely, you are going to go back to bad habits. There is nothing more demotivating than working hard to lose weight just to gain it all back. You may cut alcohol out, for example, but go back to having a beer on occasion. That won’t ruin everything. If your diet consisted of a pastry every morning and you cut that out, that is something you want to keep away from for a long time! Once that weight is off doesn’t mean that you are finished!

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