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You have probably heard it before, “throw away the scale, it doesn’t tell the whole story!” There is truth to this but you can use the scale to your advantage.
How much we weigh is important for our overall fitness but the fact we need to remember is that muscle, while it doesn’t weigh more than fat, is more dense than fat. This just means that someone who may look lean could reflect on the scale a little more weight. When someone is trying to lose weight, they need to take this into consideration, especially if they are looking at the scale. I tell my clients to limit how much they check the scale, but when they do, make sure everything is the same from weight-in to weight-in. That means the same time of day, with the same clothes and whether or not they ate anything before getting on the scale. We can drive ourselves crazy with the fluctuation of weight from day to day, but keeping things the same can help! I have found for myself when I purchased a scale for the first time that it was helpful to see how things can change but also in losing those pounds that can really make a difference!

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