Build a Solid Foundation




What does it mean to have a strong/good foundation?  It comes in many shapes and forms.   When we see a house being built they don’t start with the roof.  They need to dig up the ground, put in the concrete for the foundation and let it sit to become the solid base.  Without that process it doesn’t matter what the top of the house looks like, it wouldn’t be safe if that time wasn’t put into the foundation.

I heard a doctor recently talk about health.  He said that eating fruits, vegetables and berries are foundational for good health.  If we start with what we eat it can help in so many ways for laying that solid foundation.  This doesn’t mean that we will never get sick.  Even serious illness will always be around but if our immune system is functioning properly, that gives our bodies the ability to fight off the illness.

This is what I love about Juice Plus and our breadth of research.  The same fruit and vegetable capsules are shown to positively affect the immune system, heart, gums, DNA, oxidative stress and skin with more and more coming out all the time.   What this shows is we need that wide variety every day, not just from one berry or fruit. Even if we think we eat enough of the good stuff, most don’t and need something to bridge that gap.  That is where Juice Plus comes into play.

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