Don’t Give Up!

I have heard from many people over the years how they once lost weight and they just seem to put it back on.  Or they didn’t get the results they had hoped for so they gave up. It’s good to have long term goals, but always remember to pat yourself on the back when youContinue reading “Don’t Give Up!”

Bicyclist on the road! A friend asked me about the responsibilities and rights of people who cycle on the road.  This is something that probably causes heated arguments in some circles.  Very simply put, someone on a bike is just like someone driving a car.  After that statement, everyone should get along on the road right?  Not so!Continue reading “Bicyclist on the road!”

Build a Solid Foundation

      What does it mean to have a strong/good foundation?  It comes in many shapes and forms.   When we see a house being built they don’t start with the roof.  They need to dig up the ground, put in the concrete for the foundation and let it sit to become the solidContinue reading “Build a Solid Foundation”

Resolutions have you stressed?

We all know what the New Year means…let’s get to the gym!! This is certainly not a bad idea.  We all could get moving a little more to better our health.  The biggest problem with resolutions is some think they need to lose all their weight in the first month or they have failed.  I’mContinue reading “Resolutions have you stressed?”

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