I ruined everything yesterday!

Does anyone else have that feeling after Thanksgiving?  You exercise everyday, watch what you eat and on this one day you overdo it and you feel like all is lost.  I’m going to tell you that all was not ruined.

I have talked before about how, if you don’t change your eating habits throughout the rest of the year, changing them for that one day won’t make a difference at all.  The same is true if you do what you need to do throughout the year, that big eating day is not going to set you back.  Most likely you got right back to the workout and ate something sensible.  That is the key and that is what building healthy habits is all about.

I enjoy the holidays!  Part of that enjoyment for me is the food and drink.  Who am I to insult someone who worked hard to prepare food only to have me not enjoy it!  That is just not me 🙂

Until next time…

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