Lift those weights!

The fitness industry is a breeding ground for exercise fads that come and go.  Some fade out quickly, some stick around for a while.  New equipment is introduced all the time as a fitness pro endorses it as the only thing you need and they are sold on late night TV.  My take on that is if you wait for a while you can find all this equipment cheap at garage sales.  There are a few pieces of equipment that are OK but most, honestly, are a waste of your money. 

One thing that is not a fad and here for the long haul is good old fashioned weight lifting.  It is simply for everyone.  I’m not talking about bodybuilding or powerlifting.  These are the extreme and not for everyone.  If you are looking to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off you need to make those muscles strong.  Older adults are always concerned about their balance so they are told to work on balancing exercises.  The reality is they need to make their legs stronger.  That is key to keeping your balance.  Athletes need strong muscles to perform but also for injury prevention.  Ladies, worried about bone density?  Guess what you need to do…that’s right!  Weight training!  Getting the picture here?

Weight lifting has been around for a long time and has stood the test of time for a good reason.  You don’t need to spend hours pumping iron and  I can help you with that.

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