Who do you exercise for?

I have been training clients for 16 years and I have always spent time when we first meet finding out about them,  what their goals are, what their limitations are and why they are exercising.  While getting all this information together is very important, I have found that last bit of info, why they are exercising, to be of particular interest.  

As I have said before, we all want to look good, fit into our clothes better, etc.  Getting to why someone is going to work to get in shape can be a game changer.  Are you doing it because your doctor is saying that you have to?  Is your spouse dropping hints that you need to get in better shape?  Do you have friends that have made remarks?  These reasons are probably going to set someone up for defeat.  The one person you really need to answer to is yourself.  Do it for you and no one else.  When you make that decision to exercise and be healthier because YOU want to do it, you will be successful.  At that point it would be beneficial to contact a trainer to get you on the best program to attain those goals.  

Let me know how I can help you if this applies to you.

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