Best Time of Day to Exercise–the answer

No, I wasn’t trying to make you guess at what the best time is.  Unexplained things just happen.

I have always thought that the health and fitness industry makes things too complicated and actually pushes people away from wanting to exercise.   Telling us we are going to maximize our metabolic rate if we workout at this time, or burn more fat if we exercise at that time.  If you don’t fit into those time periods, it is almost implied you are wasting your time.

Here is my answer….again.  What ever works best for you is when you need to work out.  I would add that if you can get if done early, do it.  This will eliminate all those little things that come up during the day that sabotage your good intentions of exercise in the evening.  You still need to be consistent and challenge yourself with your heart rate and the amount of weight that you lift but first and foremost you have to be moving.  Don’t get caught up on the time of day.

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