Not Just the Flu Shot

Tis the season!  We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we have to get a flu shot or we are going to be very sick this winter season.  I believe the flu shot can be effective in some ways but what we can’t forget is that our immune system is extremely powerful when functioning and the only way to have it functioning properly is to feed it what it needs.  Our body gets what it needs from fruits, vegetables and berries.  When you eat these in a wide variety you will see amazing things happen.  

I would be happier with the way the flu shot is distributed if everyone got an apple along with their shot.  I just don’t think that enough is done to promote the fact that we need to eat properly and not just rely on a shot to keep us healthy this winter.

There is an easy way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat and that is Juice Plus.  25 fruits, vegetables, berries and whole grains every day for about $2.50/ day.  That is less than what most will spend at a vending machine or getting a daily coffee.  Just think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Until next time…. 

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