What an Amazing Company!!!

It is rare that you would get the opportunity to share a product with people that can truly change their health for the better and that everyone needs. You would also have a hard time finding a company that has so much integrity that it gives its employees every opportunity to succeed and find that financial freedom.
I have been with a company for about 10 years that offers both! Why is this important? People are literally losing sleep over their health and their financial stability. We are in a very serious time for both of these issues, and a number of others, but one thing that is clear is we can take charge of both of those things! No one else is responsible for this but us!
Lets start with the health. You know how I am with exercise and I have touched on nutrition. I have been sharing Juice Plus for the last 10 years. What we know for certain about our health is we need to have a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Now, when I say “diet rich in fruits and vegetables” I don’t mean the occasional banana or apple. That is a start but we need about 9-13 servings a day! What Juice Plus offers is a way to bridge that gap between what we eat and what we should eat. Simple as that. And what they offer is backed by 20 years of independent, third party research that no other company can say about their product. On top of that many of their studies have been published in peer reviewed journals!

What I also love about this company is that is offers me a secondary stream of income that is so important right now. In a time when companies are laying employees off, cutting back on staff, having their staff take pay cuts and freezing pay raises, it is refreshing to be offered bonuses and pay raises from a 40 year old debt free company!
Here is what I am offering you. Taking Juice Plus is for everyone. We all need to get the fruits and vegetables in our diets and most of us, especially our kids, simply don’t. I would love to share with you Juice Plus and how it can help you to take charge of your health.
The business is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a secondary stream of income, a plan B in these unstable times, call me and we can talk. No obligation and if it isn’t for you, fine. We’ll still be friends!
Have a great Halloween!

Until next time….

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