The difference between healthy and “fit”

For a long time I have felt that the health and fitness industry is its own worst enemy.  Look at any “health” magazine and what you see is a guy with his shirt off with rippling muscles and/or a gal with a half shirt and  much the same.  The point to these pictures, in my opinion, is that you have to look like that in order to be healthy.  This is what we are fed as the look of health and fitness.  Don’t get me wrong, that all looks good but one thing I will go to the mat on is just because someone spends more hours in the gym, that is not directly related to being healthier.

Hear me out.  I am NOT saying don’t spend time in the gym.  It is necessary to exercise in order to be healthy.  I do take issue with men or women spending hours a day at the gym.  I am a believer in exercise should be a part of your life but it shouldn’t take over your life.

Ultimately, I don’t tell people how to live their life.  If you want to spend all that time in the gym more power to you.  What I believe is you don’t have to spend all your spare time exercising to be healthy. Exercise, eat your fruits and vegetables, watch your weight and visit your doctor to keep those number checked.

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