Variations on Lebert Equalizer Dips!

Variations on Lebert Equalizer dips! Great addition for home, bodyweight exercises!

Harvard Medical School – Exercise Does More Than Medication!

Harvard medical school says exercise does more than medication! You have to take notice when a Harvard Medical Publication says that exercise can do more for your health than medications! Add to that a healthy diet and you are doing all you can to put yourself in a position to fight disease!

NBA Player Suspended For Violating Drug Policy.

NBA player suspended for violating drug policy. This is significant because it was an over the counter supplement that Joakim Noah had no idea what was in it. We buy things in supplement stores thinking it is all okay. Noah tested positive for an over-the-counter supplement that is prohibited under the outgoing Collective Bargaining Agreement,Continue reading “NBA Player Suspended For Violating Drug Policy.”

Foods That Help The Body To Be Alkaline

Foods that help the body to be alkaline. Foods that we eat can get our bodies to an ALKALINE state, which is ideal to fight off disease. Our bodies are usually more acidic, due to the diet of the United States. Take simple steps to get your body functioning properly!

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