Foods With The Most Antioxidants!

I have learned many things from my years with Juice Plus, probably the most important is how powerful ANTIOXIDANTS are! We need to get these from food, not added to them. The first 2 on this list, raspberries and red cabbage, are foods I need to add more often. Check out the video from BESTIEContinue reading “Foods With The Most Antioxidants!”

Where Do You Get Your Calcium?

Milk is the best source for calcium right? WRONG!! While it is on this list (I don’t drink milk FYI) there are many better sources for getting it. Broccoli, for example, is a great source and you also get all the other vitamin benefits and fiber from it, which you don’t get from milk! CheckContinue reading “Where Do You Get Your Calcium?”

Good Food Helps The Brain! Pay Attention!!

Good, whole food is essential for function of every part of the body, especially the brain!! This needs to go to EVERY politician to ensure they make the best decisions. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

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