Lower Your Risk Of Cancer!

“It is so much easier to prevent cancer than to try to reverse cancer once you have it”

A powerful statement from DR ERIC BERG. Cancer is probably the most feared diagnosis of disease we can get. Addressing the causes of cancer is key in prevention. We know that smoking, consuming alcohol and obesity are all “causes” of certain cancers. While we know smoking can cause lung cancer, pancreatic cancer is also a byproduct of smoking. And while obesity is associated with cancer, it is more of the diet that leads to obesity that can be the root cause.

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Food Can Help Recover From Food Poisoning!

If you have ever had food poisoning you know it is a horrible experience. Vomiting, diarrhea and painful bloating can all be effects of it. Food poisoning can be mild or serious. If it is serious you may need to see a doctor.

Food can also help you recover from more mild cases! Bananas, oranges, potatoes and cinnamon are a few foods to consume to help you recover.

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Add The Kick Of Cayenne Pepper For Your Health!

While cayenne pepper is used to add spice to our food, we also get many health benefits from it!

Cayenne pepper is a great source of vitamin A, as well as vitamin E, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, Vitamin B6 and others.

They are also a great source of powerful antioxidants that can improve the functioning of the immune system, among other things.

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Have A Little Papaya Juice!

Papaya has that exotic sound AND is packed with so much nutrition. Since it contains vitamin C, papaya juice is an amazing immune system booster.

Inflammation in the body is linked to chronic disease. Papaya contains a compound called papain, which helps to reduce inflammation in the body!

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Exercises To Transform Your Body!

Making a transformation in your body can be a challenge. However when you do the right exercises, it makes all the difference!

Unless you want to be a bodybuilder or fitness competitor, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. You may not even need to go to one! Five exercises can hit the whole body. Yes, you always want to challenge yourself to get better but these hit your entire body. Plank, push-up, squat, glute arch and bird-dog pose are a great place to start and can help you to transform your body!

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Cleanse Your Liver While You Sleep!

The liver plays such an important role in our health as it is “responsible for eliminating the toxins we ingest through eating, drinking alcohol, medicines, and the products we use in our daily lives”.

Just think about how the alcohol consumption has increased since the great pandemic and how huge the pharmaceutical industry is in this country. Having your liver functioning properly is VITOL!

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Do You Have An Autoimmune Disease?

For a long time it has been know that low levels of Vitamin D are hand in hand with autoimmune conditions. New evidence from Dr. Coimbra, a Brazilian neurologist suggests that it may go even further. As he states:

“All, or nearly all, of patients with autoimmune disease have an increased resistance to the effects of Vitamin D”

Vitamin D acts as an immune regulator so having the right amount is so important!

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You Have To Train Your Brain To Get Off Junk Food!

Just as with exercise and training your body out of bad habits to a good workout program, you have to train your body off of junk food. Some can go cold turkey but for most, myself included, you have to take it as a process. Adding more protein to your diet can do wonders to cut the cravings for fast food. However, taking up a hobbie can occupy time spent when you may be snacking. It takes time and effort but will be worthwhile!

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Add Maca Root To Your Diet!

There are so many benefits of the Maca Root! It is a root that is “native to the highlands of Peru”. Maca has been show to help both men and women with various bodily functions such as fertility and brain health. It can also help with energy and better sleep.

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Natural Techniques To Lower Blood Pressure!

High Blood Pressure (HBP) affects many and can lead to more serious issues. While it may get to the point you need to take meds, it is always a good idea to do as much as we can naturally to stay off them. Did you know some simple deep breathing techniques can help tremendously? Check out the video from NATURAL CURES to find out how it can help!!