Salads Are Amazing For Your Health!

Salads are a great meal to add to your diet because there is an unlimited combination of powerful foods. Make sure you have a good source of protein on your salad, which can come from salmon, chicken or a variety of nuts and beans. Many people I know make their own dressing so they knowContinue reading “Salads Are Amazing For Your Health!”

Keep Your Colon Healthy!

Colon cleansing was practiced as far back as Ancient Greece. A healthy colon is very important as it removes toxic waste from the body. There are many natural ways to do a colon cleanse that also give your body many nutrients. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Lower Your Cholesterol With Carrot Juice!

Many suffer from high cholesterol because of the standard American diet (SAD). Carrots are powerful when it comes to our health and are rich in nutrients that help to detoxify the liver. Getting rid of excess bile and fat can help to lower cholesterol! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Get Moving In The Morning!

Sleep gives our body the time it needs to repair and refresh. Getting the blood flowing in the morning is very important as well. You don’t have to do high intensity exercise all the time to get benefits. Simple moves to wake you up are so important to get your day going in the rightContinue reading “Get Moving In The Morning!”

Are Your Drinks Doing You Harm?

Often we think we are being good with “healthy” drinks. When you take a look at what is in those healthy drinks, it may not always be the best choice. Sugar is something you have to be aware of. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Weed For Arthritis!

No, not that weed. Have you heard of stinging nettle? This has been used way back by the Romans and Egyptians to treat arthritis, as well as other issues. Technically, it is an herb but you can find it growing wild or grow it yourself. There is a variety of ways to use this, suchContinue reading “Weed For Arthritis!”

Beans And Lentils Have So Many Health Benefits!

Beans are a great source of protein and nutrients and can easily be added to soups and salads. If you are looking to change a meal a week to more vegan, beans are a must so you get that protein. Check out the video from PLANT BASED DIET LONDON for more!

Add Some Flaxseed To Your Smoothie!

Flaxseed has been around since “the beginning of time” because it offers so many health benefits. Flax helps with heart health and lowering the bad cholesterol. AND you can easily add it to your diet! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Foods For A Healthy Heart!

Red apples can be found year round and are great for heart health. Have you heard of QUERCETIN? It is a “phytochemical that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent” AND “may also help prevent blood clots”. Can be very important for many!! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTION for more!

Make Your Own Isotonic Sports Drink!

You can tell from advertisements and the drink aisle of the grocery store that sports drinks are all the rage. It is very easy just to pick one up and be on your way. However, there are many things added to those you may not want in your body. Check out the video from NATURALContinue reading “Make Your Own Isotonic Sports Drink!”

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