Let’s Make 2022 A Great Year!

2019 — I have a runny nose, cough, sneezing and body aches. Probably a cold or flu so go to Walgreens and get some meds, rest, drink fluids and eat an orange. AKA common sense.

2020 — There was no cold and flu. Keep everyone away from one another, joke about how much everyone is drinking and eating, close the gyms so no exercise and keep fast food open. Watch as the mental health of our youth declines. “Leading health experts” quiet about this lifestyle.

2021 — I have a runny nose, cough, sneezing and body aches. We aren’t sure what this can be or how to treat it, wait 4 hours to get a test that isn’t entirely accurate. You might have to be admitted to the hospital as there are absolutely no meds out there, other than a “vaccine”, that will help you at all. And if you dare to question “he who is science” you will be shut down.

2022 — Let’s try this common sense thing again!

Yes, I believe there is a virus out there. I have been sharing, and taking, Juice Plus for 18 years because I have always believed we have to do what we can to keep our immune systems functioning to fight off all disease. That is, and always will be, our first line of defense.

No, there is no guarantee to anything. However it is in our best interest to do what we can to improve our health. I also believe this is a point our “leading health experts” have be remiss sharing.

Take the shot, don’t take the shot. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Whatever you decide to do to protect yourself from the virus, do all the other things that will not only protect against the virus, but also protect against every disease out there.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2022!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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