Plank 2 Minutes A Day For Amazing Results!

Most do planks to strengthen the abs but they do so much more for us! It is a great move to work the entire body and can improve mobility and flexibility! Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS for more!

Amazing Benefits Of Parsley Root!

Although parsley root is related to the leafy green that many grow, it is not the same. Parsley root is full of antioxidants and may help fight inflammation! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTION for more!

Cinnamon Tea Has Many Health Benefits!

Did you know that cinnamon can bring down the blood sugar levels? It can also help to reduce weight! My dad would add cinnamon to coffee, I’m sure for the flavor but also for the health benefits!

Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Gut Health!

A healthy gut is connected to a healthy immune system so take care of it! There are many ways to help your gut health, such as kombucha and saurkraut. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Jumping Rope Has So Many Health Benefits!

Many world class athletes swear by jumping rope. When it comes to something that gives so many health benefits with very little investment, you can’t beat it! From toning the legs to helping with balance, it doesn’t take a lot of time investment either! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTION for more!

Naturally Reduce Your Blood Pressure!

Cardiovascular disease is a leading killer and hypertension is the silent cause behind it! Many don’t even know they have HBP so measuring your blood pressure is important. Exact causes of HBP is unknown but lifestyle can play a part. Your diet can also help reduce that number! Check out the video from NATURAL CURESContinue reading “Naturally Reduce Your Blood Pressure!”

Grapes Are Delicious And Healthy!

Did you know that grapes can help improve vision? If you get your grape nutrition from wine, it also may cause double vision, but that is a different story. They can also help lower diabetes risk! Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

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