Thank God Ivermectin Wasn’t Just A “Horse De-wormer” in 1988!

Or better yet, good thing the media and government weren’t working together the way they are today!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a disagreement in the efficacy of ivermectin to treat the symptoms of the most deadly pandemic we have seen since the Spanish flu. While there are countless stories of people using it and having success, the media and medical “leaders” still mock those such as Joe Rogan who claim it helps. They not only claim it helps, they can prove it! Even if doctors dare to say anything positive about its use, they are shut down immediately and labeled as dangerous.

Yes, Ivermectin was first used as a veterinary drug in the 70s. However, since 1988, BILLIONS (YES BILLIONS) of HUMANS have been treated successfully with the “wonder drug”. Interesting how that many people safely used this drug and now, it seems, Ivermectin is suddenly having deadly effects! How can that be?

The state run media, along with leading government and pharmaceutical doctors, have said many times that if people pushed back against the polio vaccine the way they are against this “vaccine”, we would still have polio. While the comparison to polio is absurd, I think it would be fair to put the same question out regarding Ivermectin. In 1988, when they started using it to treat people, it truly was only used on animals. Just think where we would be today if the medical community pushed back against its use on people, and being open to testing its effectiveness to treat other illnesses. How many people would have died because of arrogance? Maybe 30 years ago the medical community actually believed in science.

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2 thoughts on “Thank God Ivermectin Wasn’t Just A “Horse De-wormer” in 1988!

  1. So … What happened in ’88 that made this drug a miracle drug? What was it used for? So, Joe Rogan says it works? Isn’t Joe Rogan a comedian? What did he say? Did he get COVID and take Ivermectin and then NOT die? But 97% of people who get it don’t die. So what does that prove? Also, why is a comparison to Polio absurd? And, lastly, how many people have died from their arrogance, or listening to a comedian or their neighbor who had a friend who blah blah blah of course knows more than someone who studies this stuff their whole adult life – I don’t know, BUT, I do know this: 99% of the people who die today from COVID, will die because someone convinced them not to take the vaccine. The other 1% were just unfortunate enough to have had contact with one of those 99% who get their medical advise from friends and comedians who know more than doctors.


    1. In 1988 it was used worldwide on PEOPLE. If the arrogance in the medical community was the same as today, how many would have died? Polio and Covid are not even close to the same in the way it is spread. Yes, Rogan is a comedian but using ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor is completely safe and effective when used properly, as is the same with any medication. Where do you get your stat that 99% of people who die from covid will die because of not taking the vaccine? The vaccine is that effective? Thanks for the comment!


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