Are Plant Based Burgers Healthier?

As someone who tries to incorporate as many plants into my diet as possible, I love the idea of plant based burgers. That said, I absolutely love a good bacon cheeseburger!!!

Plant protein is becoming more mainstream in grocery stores and restaurants. Are these the right choice for you and your health journey? In one study, beyond meat was found to use 99% less water, 93% less land, 43% less energy and emitting 90% fewer greenhouse gases. Good for the environment, yes, but are they healthier?

A leading dietitian says they are certainly not health foods but she does celebrate them simply because animal suffering declines and good for the environment. She does go on to say there are some benefits when choosing plants over animals.

The reality is there are challenges to whole food nutrition as well, such as making sure the plants are toxin free. Probably the biggest reason I love getting Juice Plus in me every day! And like anything, if you make your own meals you control salt and sugar that makes store bought food unhealthy.

We all have to make those decisions that are best for us. I believe in a plant based diet even though I am not vegan. As I said, a good bacon cheese burger is tough to beat! Check out the video from PLANT BASED SCIENCE LONDON!

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