People Still Love America And The Stars and Stripes!

That was a strange title to type…and a bit sad as well.

I feel fortunate to have grown up in a patriotic family. We were taught that, even though it isn’t perfect, this is a great country to live in. We have freedoms that many in other countries only dream of, which is why people want to be a part of it! I love the Red, White and Blue of the beautiful American flag and singing along with The Star Spangled Banner on July 4th and before sporting events. It is always a magical moment watching the Olympics when they award the medals, the flag goes up and the national anthem is played. And it isn’t just American athletes who would tear up when this happened. Athletes from other countries get emotional when their flag is raised and the anthem played. Such patriotism!!

It seems to me that there is a disturbing trend that our media is pushing and that is people in this country really don’t like it here. In fact they don’t like the flag or the national anthem either. If you tune into the mainstream media, you would feel like you are one of the few who still love this country. We are being divided and, I feel, there is something sinister behind it all.

I had the opportunity to go to the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra concert. That’s right, I’m cultured. It was their first concert back since the shut-down last year and it was a packed house! One of the musicians thanked everyone for coming back and said they were going to start the night playing the greatest song ever and invited everyone to stand and sing along to the National Anthem! There was not one person who sat and you could only hear the orchestra in the background of all the voices! I started singing but was overcome with emotion at what was going on. I bet if you took a poll at that auditorium, you would find that there wasn’t just one group of beliefs there. We are talking orchestra for petes sake!! This is why I feel it is sinister that we are being told this is a bad place and people don’t like it. It simply isn’t true and, while this was one event, I don’t think it is isolated. Why is the media trying to divide us?? Thank you St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra for this! How appropriate this happened so close to July 4th.

Stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th, know the flag stands for freedom and be proud of that! I know I will be! Enjoy the video of patriotic songs below!

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    1. I am not, I do have many family members who served in various branches, Army, Marines, Coast Guard. Very proud of all who have served!

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